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There is no Loss in Free Space Path Loss. And it doesn’t change with frequency

Whether a professional or amateur, one of the first things we learn about propagation is that lower frequencies propagate better. Or propagation loss increases with frequency. In this post I will make the case that Free Space Path Loss really

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Spiral Antenna – Part 3 – Results and Suckers

The original aim for this antenna was to be a general purpose antenna that worked down to 400MHz. The results are now in and I am really pleased with them. The antenna was tested by AntennaTestLab in a full anechoic

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Spiral Antenna – Part 2 – Modelling and Simulation with OpenEMS

Now tested by AntennaTestLab. For now see results here Electromagnetic simulation software can be very expensive. While some software is cheaper, it often comes with either technical or artificial limitations. There are however a couple of free alternatives. NEC2 –

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Spiral Antenna – Part 1

Why? My original Palm Tree Vivaldi Antenna has proved amazingly popular. Much more so than I originally intended. The design aim for this was primarily for it to be small and portable. When deciding what to do next I decided

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Reconfigurable Ultra-Wideband Antenna Array Kit – part 2 (Spacing)

Why Spacing Matters Firstly, the antenna array I am designing is a fixed in-phase array. Hence we assume that the total path length from each antenna to the single input/output connection are the same length. This makes the design and

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UWB Antenna R&D Survey

I am conducting a quick survey to help discover what developments people would most like to take my UWB antenna forward. I would be really grateful if you could take a few minutes to have your say.

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Reconfigurable Ultra-Wideband Antenna Array Kit – part 1

My next project after successfully building my Ultra-Wideband Vivaldi antenna is to use it to create a UWB antenna array. I will assume that most readers are at least slightly familiar with the concept of an array, I will give

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Wanhao Duplicator i3 PEI bed mod

PEI is the new wonder bed material for 3D printer. It has many advantages. Plastic sticks when hot and releases releases easily when cold. No need to apply messy sprays, glues and concoctions between prints. It leaves a nice smooth

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New blog

Hi, I’m just setting up this test blog to see what wordpress can do. I may use this site or derivative to post things about electronics or other stuff eventually. For now I’m just playing with the tools.

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